EATING LAS VEGAS – The 50 Essential Restaurants Hits the Home Stretch

If you’re one of our loyal readers, you may have noticed that our restaurant reporting has been a bit sparse over the past two months. This is because most of our energies have been going into completing the copy for the next edition of EATING LAS VEGAS – The 50 Essential Restaurants, which, we hope, will be ready for publication in early March.

Oh yeah, and we’ve been out of town celebrating a birthday (ugh!) and got to nosh on a fabulous dinner* of our 50s favorites courtesy of The Official Mother, Brother and Sisters of ELV. (see delicioso picture above)

So, we’ve been a bit busy writing about the best restaurants in town for the book, and haven’t been eating out nearly as much since early December. By which we mean we’ve been hitting one or two restaurants a week instead of our usual four or five.

For this reason our posts have been fewer and farther between, and you may have to wait another week or two before we get geared up again to taste the good, the bad and the pretentious in our humble burg.

In the meantime, you’ll just have to bide your time until ELV – the man, the myth, the inveterate fresser – gets back in the eating saddle again. When he does, you’ll be reading about everything from dumbed down Ducasse to what may be the best neighborhood sushi bar in town.

In the meantime, we ask for your patience so we can make our fourth edition of the book, the best one yet.


*For the record (clockwise from top left): sour beans, Greek salad, baked potatoes (with LOTS of sour cream and chives), overcooked lemon pork chops (the best, Jerry, the BEST!), and of course, canned pears with cottage cheese. The only thing that’s not pictured was my sister’s pound cake. Somewhere, Duncan Hines and Betty Crocker were beaming.


3 thoughts on “EATING LAS VEGAS – The 50 Essential Restaurants Hits the Home Stretch

  1. I believe John and his readers know I’m not always a fan of his writing (when I take the time to read it at all). But I am looking forward to ELV The Book (Edition 4). None of the venom and anger John and I have spit at each other over the years will ever compare to my respect of his food knowledge, and my honest curiosity as to where he will take this title. God’s Speed my once/former/future friend

  2. I don’t know if Sage is on your Top 50 list, but here’s a recap of our recent experience: We dined at Sage at the end of January and while the service was just fine, the food was underwhelming. We ordered from the 4 course tasting menu. While there was nothing wrong with my pear salad all the way through to the final course of Wagu-style beef, there was nothing remarkable about any of the dishes either. The scallop dish was good. Although, my husband’s octopus was tough. The best part of our meal was the wine we selected, bread & butter, and a gracious sommelier. $500 for two persons, one would hope that at least one of the eight dishes served to the both of us (we chose different selections from the tasting menu) would be memorable. Sadly that was not the case. Back to missing Paul Bartollota and dining on SMT. Should have gone to either Chada for much better food.

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