Hot Bartender Watch – Rose at ATOMIC LIQUORS

Bar Manager/mixologist extraordinaire Rose is that rarest of creatures: a bartender who can get us to drink anything.

Atomic Liquors is that rarest of taverns: a bar that makes us wish we were an alcoholic.

Between the two of them, at any given happy hour, you might find a certain, somewhat dissipated lawyer, sipping everything from a saison ale to a yogurt cocktail (that’s a YoYo Yogurt she’s holding) at one of Las Vegas’s truly eclectic watering holes.

We say “eclectic” because with everything from the crowd to the drinks, you can get anything you want a Rose’s well-stocked bar. From the geeks to waistoids to the sluts to the dweebs to the motorheads (and even a fair amount of respectable dudes in suits), …..they all come to Atomic for the booze, the crew, and the conversation:

We, however, come mainly to chat it up with Rose.

Can you blame us?


917 Fremont Street

Las Vegas, NV 89101


2 thoughts on “Hot Bartender Watch – Rose at ATOMIC LIQUORS

  1. ……and while we’re at it J.C. if you consider that you might want to be an alcoholic just imagine how many more hours you would have to invest in meetings. You would sure waste a lot of drinking (and eating) time! Us drunks get quite P Oed at being called alcoholics.

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