Mother’s Day Memo: Eat at Home

It’s the absolute, lead pipe cinch, without a doubt, out-and-out, consummate,  worst day of the year to eat in a restaurant.

We’re talking about Mother’s Day, of course, which once again foists its ugly expectations, ill-tempered service and dumbed-down food on an unaware, ill-informed public on the same Sunday in May every year.

If you’re one of the mindless herd that doesn’t mind being treated like cattle before and during your meal, whilst eating a pre-set, easy to churn out menu of mediocrity, have at it. Those of you with a little imagination might do well to watch the video below, and let it inspire you to do something for good ole Mom that doesn’t involve fighting crowds, begging for your harried waitron’s attention, and overpaying for inferior vittles.

But if you’re one of those with even less imagination than the restaurant kitchens of America will be showing this Sunday, ELV will make it easy for you. You want treat mom to a good meal? Try any day other than Mother’s Day.

You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Memo: Eat at Home

  1. I would add to John’s admonition, avoid ANY holiday at a restaurant for the same reason. And because Vegas Uncorked is going on, for god sake stop overpaying for a group “cluster……”, you know what! I stopped going a couple years ago because the quality of food offered, the crowds pushing and noise and frankly the now $140 pp cost just isn’t worth the hassle. If you want to spend $140, then go to a great restaurant on a non frenzied night and enjoy great meal like a mensch!

  2. Could not agree more.

    I grilled chorizo sliders, and lamb patties with mint and onion served with a greek yogurt sauce. She got to enjoy a day at home with her kids and no work. Everyone was better off for it.

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