If Ever a Picture was Worth a Thousand Words…

This is the picture posted in the New York Times today about Paula Deen supporters lining up to support her and her restaurant in Savannah, Georgia.

We at ELV hate to get in the middle of racially sensitive issues, but there are dozens of reasons Paula Deen should lose her job at the Food Network, but being a late-middle-aged, racially-insensitive, inarticulate Southern white woman ain’t one of them.*

She should lose her job at the Food Network because her appeal is to precisely the sort of fat, stupid, redneck, unhealthy, southern-fried idiots who need a gastronomic horsewhipping — not another fat, stupid, ginned-up media personality to spur them on to an early grave.

Describing her cooking as unhealthy, lowbrow, caloric, insulting, unimaginative, and pedestrian isn’t the point….although it’s a very good point.

Describing her fans isn’t necessary because this picture does it for you.

Speaking of horsewhipping, the Food Network should be flayed because they allowed the confluence of these two forces to occur….and merrily profited from it.

That’s the point.**

‘Nuff said.


* Who the f*ck did the Food Network think they were getting when they hired this overage, bleached-out, untalented hick anyway? Martin Luther King?

** Although a case can also be made that she’s either a bigot, or racially bone-headed enough not to deserve a franchise on a cable network.

23 thoughts on “If Ever a Picture was Worth a Thousand Words…

  1. The folks in the picture display several general characteristics, one of which ELV directly alluded to. I can’t help but notice another trait that they share universally. Maybe the Food Network should have known what they were getting, but you can’t say what she said in the way that she said it and expect to keep your TV job. We don’t need to pretend to be shocked, but it had to go down the way it did.

  2. John John John…..common these people look like they are all dressed up for an evening at Picasso or Le Cirque!!!!

  3. There’s plenty to say about Paula Deen, but a day after arguing online for hours with people who defend her, I’m spent, (and she isn’t worth the spit to keep ranting about her ignorance).

    I’d much rather prefer talking about Sirio’s timeless dedication to service and pleasure.

  4. She is the reason I cancelled my cable. She was the worst thing to happen to Food TV. or any moving picture. Her cooking gave me nausea and I could not believe these idiots on Food TV, put her on the tube. The food in her place must be bad, I hear the rats eat next door.

  5. Wow. I’m truly shocked.

    The elitism is ridiculous. Floyd, there are other channels. In fact, I’ve never watched her, and I have cable.

  6. My issue with her is not that she said something incredibly stupid (though I do support free speech, and I’ll say that their others who have been taken off the air for much less). Nor is it her fat-laden food — again, it’s a free country, so eat what you want, but you might want to consider a light salad the next day. It’s that she got a gig on the Food Network while Emeril and Mario got the boot.

  7. My issue with her is that she is a terrible human being supported by other terrible human beings. – E

  8. Really?? A 66 year old white woman from Georgia used the N-word more than once in her life, and referred to one of her cooks as her little monkey? OMG I’m totally shocked— get over it you bunch of PC pussys– have you ever been to the real South? this is why America is going to hell- all this bluster and false outrage–while the white woman who filed the lawsuit against her laughs all the way to the bank– suckers– Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

  9. Todd, I’m trying to figure out exactly what you’re saying here. Is it your point that the folks who call for her firing are wimps because they don’t accept from her the sort of casual racism that goes on all the time in the modern south? I’d like to think I’m misreading what you wrote.

  10. Dear Todd,

    Only bona fide pussies anonymously call others “pussys” over the world wide webs. Seems like you are catching feelings; the racial epithets are sure to come flying out soon enough if that’s the case. – E

  11. Look you lefty loonies– I’m just saying that no one should be really shocked or surprised that a woman with her background and age may have used the n- word. The people that never liked her are using this as a chance to tear someone else down to make themselves feel holier than though– her biggest mistake was admitting she used the word, besides the diabetes thing and the flavored butter thing, but I digress — if you have never lived in the south you can’t understand- I have more black friends than you and I have used the n- word more than you- chew on that. Actions matter more than words or off color jokes. F and L in LV

  12. Todd has a good point. Paula Deen uses the N-word in private and loses her job and takes a public thrashing. Quentin Tarantino uses it 113 times in a movie, earns millions and is nominated for an Academy Award.

  13. It is not her admitting using the N-word, but was she telling the truth? If she lied about not using the N-word, the plaintiff’s lawyer can bring a witness or two to discredit her testimony and she can be held in contempt of perjury. She was probably coached by her attorney to be honest about it and she said with a preface “long time ago.” Is the time lapse relevant or the admission of using the N-word? This would not have come up if not for the simple fact that she was sued for discrimination which implies she has used the N-word in a derogatory or discriminatory way instead of Quentin Tarantino and other comedians using it as part of a script or comedy routine.

  14. Charlie Manson has minions murder a couple of people in private and takes a public thrashing. Anthony Hopkins does it numerous times in a movie, earns millions and is nominated for an Academy Award. – E

  15. She is not even from Georgia, Todd. She is from the Northeast. But, point aside…it was a stupid thing to say.

    While I am all for free speech and everyone doing whatever it is they want with their bodies (including whatever food you want to shove in it) … if you have decided to make yourself a public figure, then you have to be more careful than the rest of us.

    She lost her job because she said a stupid thing that could hurt the image of the rest of her coworkers. People have been fired for less in non-public facing positions, so why not her?

  16. I never said that she shouldn’t be fired– she has/will lose all her sponserships/advertisers thats business and that is the basis for airing a TV program. I am just saying that the folks who are suprised or horrified by what she said are rubes and probably hippocrites too. A white congressman from Minnesota just called Clarence Thomas an ‘Uncle Tom’ after the supreme court ruling came out- should he be fired too? Who is worse, him or Paula?? and I am sure he was outraged by her comments too. and my friend ‘E’, equating speech with murder is a perfect example of the pussification in America. To quote the great HST “We are turning into a nation of whimpering slaves to Fear”

  17. I work in the Milwaukee Public Schools and hear the N word multiple times each an every day. Since it’s black kids saying it, there is no problem, i guess. Not a big fan of Dean’s, but she is getting a raw deal, imo.

    And let’s see what happens to the guy who called Clarence Thomas an “uncle tom.” My guess is nothing since he’s a liberal Dem.

    You would have thought Paula Dean had murdered somebody in cold blood with a dreaded handgun (they must be banned!!!) with all the histrionics going on.

  18. And I agree with the previous post about the elitism on display here. It’s cruel and sickening.

  19. ELV responds (to the elitism allegation): First of all, elitism (as in the pursuit of excellent eats) is our stock in trade; secondly, fat and stupid is no way to go through life, and maybe if more people called these obese idiots on their lowest-common-denominator lifestyle (and their icons), the world would be a better place.

  20. Anyone who read my published comment and thought I was equating murder to hate speech, instead of mocking the imbecilic art is the same as real life and therefore artists should be punished as in real life for what they do in plays, novellas, films, et. cetera, well ….

    They are probably Paula Deen fans. Ignorant persons who deserve to have their genitals stomped by secretary birds. – E

  21. Wow. Post an image of fat people and 22 people respond. Make that 23. Perhaps ELV needs to change their purpose?

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