5 thoughts on “Batali Burger Concept to Take Over Vacant Rattlecan Space

  1. Have you ever had the Burger at Carnevino? Its the best in this city, even better than the Bradley Ogdon burger before it closed (Caesars – RIP). This is no Malibu Stacy with a new hat; if my predictions are correct then we are finally getting our first REAL gourmet burger joint. Batali has the luxury that none of the other burger places has, he can use the end caps and the yummy scraps that are not used from the steaks at Carnevino, and incorporate that into the ground beef. Can you imagine a burger that is a mix of Batali raised short rib, 3 month dry aged ribeye, hanger, and the end caps from one of Carnevino’s Grand Riserva steaks? I can…. I hope this is what they deliver, if they do it may become one of the best burgers in the nation.

  2. In theCards, I would have been closer to you in anticipation for this, if had I not learned through my network of spies that the Batali group had pitched to the Venetian aristocracy a charcuterie and salami deli concept, the likes of which not seen this side of the Atlantic.

    They were all ready to get down and crazy with cappicola, soppresetta, and all manner of cured and dried meats, with same gusto as their famous steaks.

    But alas, some executive turned a brandy glass full of orphan tears over in his hand and said “Give those plebians another burger joint.”

    (boy, talk about burying the lead)

  3. The charcuterie and salami deli concept is not dead, expect that to come inside of Eatily instead.

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