At Least Someone Has a Sense of Humor

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The picture above is of the recently-opened Park on Fremont:

Here is the menu from Park on Fremont that we perused last weekend — thinking at the time we might want to try it:

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Here is what we posted on Facebook:

It (the menu at “Park on Fremont”) couldn’t be less imaginative if it was thought up by a 10 year old.

We also noted at the time:

Park on Fremont had the velvet ropes out, and was hand-stamping people at 6:00pm — even though the place was empty.


Not ones to take such things lying down, the management of Park on Fremont decided to fight back(?) by putting this on the sidewalk:

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Bully for them, we say; instead of acting like crybabies and spoiled children,* they responded with a sense of humor.

Unfortunately, the menu still doesn’t give any foodie any cause to want to eat there.

But maybe they’re serving the best farking “chicken bar bites” and “veggie wrap” on the whole friggin’ planet?

But we doubt it.

But in the spirit of fairness, we’ll give it a try….soon….and with an open mind.

As long as no one tries to stamp our fucking hand.


* cf. Andre Rochat and Paymon Raouf.

5 thoughts on “At Least Someone Has a Sense of Humor

  1. One look at the place and you can tell they have an identity crisis-faux weather-washed boards, maybe I’m a crab shack, have one of my margarita’s in a plastic bong kind of style. No wonder the menu looks uninspired. They spent all their energy creating a funky, trendy, shell of a dive bar.

  2. Ate there. Hard pass. Had high hopes when they were building it too. Good thing they own a weekly!

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