2 thoughts on “ELV’s Thought(s) for the Day

  1. John,
    I have enjoyed your culinary knowledge, expert taste and wit for years. I love to cook, and food and wine take priority in many of our vacations. In my humble opinion, your reviews are nuts on… spectacular.
    Unfortunately, your comments in the last few posts have pissed me off. Las Vegas is a foodie town. I am a “young” physician who enjoys necessary breaks from reality (like others with true professions- i.e.. Lawyers, doctors, clergy and others who require such sabbaticals) in your humble berg. When you quote Sahl and Baker, and describe some of your readers as “gambling junkies”, you are alienating a base you probably didn’t realize you had. My wife and I travel to Las Vegas about twice a year to spend time together (alone), eat well, and yes, gamble a bit. Well within our means, of course, but escape is escape.
    You should support your local economy. Granted, there has not been much change in the LV restaurant scene this year, but my meal at Cirque surpasses any 3 Michelin star meal I’ve had in Paris.
    C ‘mon. Vegas is special. I live 90 minutes from Chicago (your last out of town love affair), and other than Spiaggio (which deserves a class of it’s own), nothing competes with Bartolotta. I have been defending LV as a food destination to all of my colleagues for years, and then my hero, ELV (OK, no hero of mine lists the Huffington Post on twitter, but I digress…) writes a column to the contrary?

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