We’re Baaaaaack….


Faster than a speeding sous chef….

More powerful than a loco moco…

Able to leap pretentious cooks in a single bound…

Look, up in the interwebs!

It’s an ortolan!

It’s a profiterole!

It’s ELV!

Yes, it’s ELV. Strange visitor from another zip code, who came to Vegas with a palate and appetite far beyond those of mortal men.

ELV! Who can change the course of overwrought food trends, bend opinion with his bare hands, and who, disguised as John Curtas, a mild-mannered(?) attorney for a great metropolitan law firm, fights a never-ending battle, for truth, justice, and anything but the American way (of eating).

3 thoughts on “We’re Baaaaaack….

  1. Welcome back, Clark. Hope you (and Lois?) had a great time in the Windy City, and that things went well. Looking forward to some food news of that town, as well as more of the usual from good old Metropolis.

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