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BIG PAUL’S BBQ Featured on Wake Up With the Wagners

Our top barbecue joints were featured Friday morning on Channel 3 – KVBC (NBC) in Las Vegas.

The segment is notable for the first ever appearance by “Bubba” Curtas.

You can enjoy his smokin’ sartorial splendor at the 27:37 mark of the video below:

1) Big Paul’s BBQ – 3025 East Desert Inn

2) Memphis Championship Barbecue – 4379 N. Las Vegas Blvd.

3) Buzz BBQ – 9640 West Tropicana

4)  Ben’s BBQ BBQ & Smokehouse (food truck) @bensbbq on Twitter

5) Top Notch BBQ (food truck) @topnotchBBQ on Twitter

5 Responses to BIG PAUL’S BBQ Featured on Wake Up With the Wagners

  • LV has no good “Q”. Ellis Island is the best of the bad. Memphis made me gag, and you consider that 2nd best.
    When you get to KC I will show you what BBQ really is.
    What are you thinking?

  • As one who grew up in Kansas City, I know barbecue. The last (trust me, there will never be another) visit to Lucille’s in Henderson, the staff were putting the big cuts into the “smoker” for overnight cooking. The “smoker” is a beautiful stainless steel contraption with lots of wood neatly arranged next to it. On the way out, I looked back and noticed no smoke was coming out of the restaurant. A far easier, not nearly as messy way of getting the tenderness of BBQ is to just put it in the oven under low heat, but of course you don’t get the smoked flavor. Lucille’s was at least good food, albeit fraudulent whereas Memphis BBQ is shockingly awful. And in the many times I’ve driven past, I’ve never seen smoke coming from a Memphis BBQ location. The only restaurant list it should ever be on is “Places To Avoid Like A Broken Petri Dish Of Ebola.” Until I see an honest-to-goodness wood smoker, I’m avoiding BBQ in Las Vegas.

  • there is no such thing as good bbq in vegas, trust me when i tell you this. i’m from texas and have tried all of them, none are good and most are even par with Grandy’s, Church’s Chicken and luby’s……vegas does not understand bbq, period end of sentence.

  • Really Curtis, Really? This should be called the least bad BBQ in Vegas, and The Buzz has deteriorated to inedible status. Ordered take out for my birthday and my present was beef tips so dried out and tough it was akin to jerky. To add to my present they forget to include any BBQ juice (sauce). Ribs seemed very tired and far from succulent. I have been eating at the Buzz for several years, even prior to the nice location on Craig and they have consistently gotten worse. Really sad….I’m one happy guy with sauce smeared on my fat face and flesh in my teeth, but not from the buzz

  • Actually John, we have to commend you for daring to even do “Q”, given the limited options our fair city brings, and also the sensibilities of those that love the genre. Perhaps the toughest crowd of any in the “food chain”, through there is merit to that – well-done barbecue is a treasure. But there is a new player on the scene that shows some potential – Las Vegas Grille on West Sahara. Not everything they do is traditional, but there is a method to the madness (. If you come from Texas don’t expect Texas; if you come from Memphis don’t expect Memphis (and of course the Carolina’s, Kansas city, etc.). But if you come with a curiosity, there is some merit.

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