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ELV ate at Hash House a Go Go the other day.

He does not know why he did this nor why he is telling you about it.

But indeed, he ate there.

Lunch, as a matter of fact.

With Troy Polee. (Troy Polee paid.)

TP had the chicken and waffles. ELV had the chorizo hash.

That chicken and waffles was a bit bread-y for our tastes (i.e., not crispy enough), but otherwise decent, well-seasoned and juicy.

It came on a slab of waffles with the bacon strips cooked inside the waffle.

This puzzled ELV.

Because the bacon made the waffle hard to eat and the waffle made the bacon impossible to eat.

Or was it the other way around?

Regardless, there is a certain low-born charm to the dish, which made us understand why such gastronomic titans as Adam Richman and Rachel Ray are so fond of it.

Martha Stewart, on the other hand, remains a puzzlement. (Perhaps her time in the hoosegow gave her an appreciation for more plebian vittles?)

If so, she may have appreciated our chorizo hash — a big chunky hash of Mexican chorizo, smothered in melted cheese of no particular breeding, and served atop a mound of giant, cubed potatoes.

Both dishes cost around $13 apiece and both could’ve easily fed two adults.

Both came reassuringly with the obligatory big sprig of rosemary thrust into them — a fact which comforted ELV.

Because it’s nice to know the hoi polloi have somewhere to overeat that prepares decent food to order.

And it’s nice to know that some things never change.

Rachel and Martha still don’t know what they’re talking about.


6800 West Sahara Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89146



6 thoughts on “HASH HOUSE A GO GO

  1. The food is truly awful at these restaurants. I am shocked there are 3 in town.

  2. Actually there are 4 – which proves the saying “You Will Never Go Broke Underestimating peoples taste”

    However, they are a cut above other places, don’t really wanna call it a chain. with their marketing, and even their food. Bacon in the waffle may be a bitch to eat but the idea is a genius sell.

  3. I went to Hash House shortly after it opened and had the chicken and waffles. My plate had 2 whole chicken breast and 2 giant waffles with crisp bacon sticking clearly out of both sides like oars on a Viking sailing vessel. Not just baked in pieces. Your photo looks like a half serving with no bacon in comparison. It seems as some restaurants expand the dishes contract.

  4. They will put the bacon on the side, or leave it out completely, if you ask nicely.

  5. Unfortunately, re Hash House, I am a slow learner. Every time I go there I read the descriptions and get all excited then the food comes and visually it’s exciting but when it comes to taste all I get is blah. Silly me, I keep trying. So either my imagination is stronger than reality or I am in denial. :)

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