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You’ve no doubt heard of Super Dave, but have you heard of super hash? Or had some?

As in, the super hash at Mary’s Hash House?

We have, and liked it but didn’t love it.

It tries to be a giant, minced scramble of all the other hashes here, and pretty much fails to have much character of its own.

If they weren’t so fond of finely grinding their meat, it might attain a toothsomeness it otherwise lacks. You might say they kinda make a hash of it.

Regardless, the hash isn’t the thing to go out of your way for at MHH…but the house-made ketchup and sauces are.

The habañero sauce is a marvel of heat and sweet, perfectly balancing the incendiary nature of those peppers with a fruity, apricot-like richness. The chipotle and spicy ketchup are no slouches either, and will have you foreswearing store bought products in no time.

We also liked the various jellies and jams they make here (and serve on a giant tray for you to choose from), but it’s those sauces that will have us coming back.

The Food Gal® was also jazzed about the blueberry-studded oatmeal — calling it as fresh and satisfying as this rib-sticker can be. As were the flapjacks.

In fact, now that we think about it, we like everything about Mary’s Hash House except the hash.

Go figure.


2605 South Decatur Blvd. Suite 103

Las Vegas, NV 89102