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Hot Hostess(es) Watch – THE BARRYMORE

Holli and Porsha get our motor running

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ELV is the sort who makes passes at women in glasses. But being of a certain age, he’s content to gaze upon Holli‘s and Porsha‘s charms, and let them go about their duties (highly professionally, we might add) at The Barrymore.

Besides that, the Food Gal® would kill him were he to do anything more than take a few pleasant snaps — all for the good of Eating Las Vegas, we might add — and post them on this website.

The Food Gal is like that: both menacing and understanding.

The understanding part lets us have a Hot Hostess Watch; the menacing part won’t let us make any comments about how much fun it would be to drive a Porsha.


In the Royal Resort Hotel

99 Convention Center Drive

Las Vegas, NV 89109


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  • Thinking about how much fun it would be to drive, and actually taking a test driving, are two very different things.

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