John Curtas is …

The List

Think you can keep up with ELV in an eating week?

Or even two of them?

Don’t even try, pilgrim.

The list:


East Ocean Dim Sum



Comme Ça

Rhythm Kitchen

Marche Bacchus

Las Vegas Foodie Festival

Bread & Butter

Luv-It-Frozen Custard


Slim & Curly’s 1888 BBQ Wagon

Wahoo’s Tacos


The Barrymore



Due Forni

Lobster ME


Broadway Pizzeria

Big Paul’s BBQ

Great Bao

Komex Express

Booming Spot Mini Pot

5 Responses to The List

  • What’s and where’s slim and curlys?

  • What was that dish you enjoyed so much at Rhythm Kitchen?

    Also, I heard KoMex was looking for a 2nd location. Have you heard anything about it?

  • Jesus. Rub it in to most of us normal peons. I love your site but this post makes you out to be more of the Robin Leach of food instead of making an accessible site for us commoner foodies with realistic budgets.

  • if i was living on an attorney/constantly comped food critic’s budget i would be right there with you…

  • ELV responds: For the record, of the 25 meals listed, only 4 were comped, and ELV ventures that anyone employed (full time) at a Strip restaurant made more money than he did in 2010-2011.

    Re @Tricia’s comment(s): How else do you expect us to keep the site “accessible….for us commoner foodies with realistic budgets” unless we go everywhere worthwhile and try everything? If you don’t think Eating Las Vegas covers all price ranges, you haven’t been paying attention. The trouble with too many supposed “foodies” is that they want professional food writers/critics to endorse whatever shitty, cheap restaurant they flock to. ELV refuses to do this, and concentrates on wherever you can get the best, the most interesting, or the most quality bang for your buck. Sometimes this involves a $200 meal, and sometimes it involves a $5 taco.

    Re @Inky: You can find Slim & Curly’s BBQ truck Friday mornings at the Downtown 3rd Farmers Market.

    Re @Westie: Stay tuned for our post on Rhythm Kitchen….which blew our doors off with its gumbo, jambalaya and etouffee.

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