Eat This Now – SABABA Kabab Plate

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The falafel is to die for; the baba ganoush just as good, and those hunk’s o’ skewered meat twice as satisfying as our recent, overpriced t-bone at Craftsteak at at quarter the cost.

In other words, you can get all that well-seasoned goodness on Sababa‘s combination plate for sixteen dollars, instead of feeling like you’ve been hosed by a celebrity chef for sixty.

Just thought you’d like to know.


3220 South Durango

Las Vegas, NV 89117


3 thoughts on “Eat This Now – SABABA Kabab Plate

  1. Maybe you should ask Remi for some of this spicy green sauce to go and spread it on Craftsteak’s overpriced cuts next time you dine there. A layer of that will make pretty much anything taste delicious.

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