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So they broke (a heifer) up forthwith, and cut out he rump-slices in proper form, and wrapped them one slice between two pieces of fat, and laid other slices of raw flesh upon these. The old King burnt them upon the faggots, and poured over them sparkling wine; the young men stood by his side, holding their five-prong forks in their hands. Then, after the rump-slices were burnt, and they had divided the tripes, they chopped up the rest and ran the pieces on spits, and grilled them holding the ends of the spits in their hands. – Homer, Odyssey (c. 800 B. C.)

Going to a white-run barbecue is like going to a gentile internist: It might turn out all right, but you haven’t made any attempt to take advantage of the percentages. – Calvin Trillin

Barbecue is more than a meal; it’s a way of life. – Greg Johnson and Vince Staten, Real Barbecue (1988)

2 thoughts on “ELV’s Thought(s) for the Day

  1. I take it Calvin has not been to Lockhart, TX. BBQ done right is only one color, red for the smoke ring.

  2. Five Prong. I won’t eat anything unless it is served sunny-side up on Four Prong’s lid. Lid, I says.

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