Eat This Now – Seafood Pasta at Lunch at NAKAMURA-YA

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Is the seafood pasta at Nakamura-Ya the best thing on the menu? Possibly, but the Jidori chicken miso pasta (tasty snap #2) is mighty fine too…as are the little Kurobuta pork links in a bright tomato sauce over tender lettuce leaves (tasty snap #3).

Did it used to be a shame that you could only get these Nipponese pasta permutations only at dinner? Sadly, yes.

But has all of that changed, because chef/owner Kengo-san is now opening his pristine little noodle palace for lunch? You betcha!

We at ELV are so happy about the news, we may even take a day off from the beginning of pool season.

Our meal above for two, with plenty of leftovers, came to $56 including a $13 tip.


5040 West Spring Mountain Road Suite 5

Las Vegas, NV 89146