First Bites – RAMEN SORA

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Can you believe there’s another ramen place on Spring Mountain Road? It sounds almost too good to be true for lovers of all things soupy and slurpy from the Land of the Rising Sun!

This one — Ramen Sora — claims to be using authentic “ramen sora” noodles, made according to the original recipe in Sapporo, Japan (the home of miso ramen), and stock made by boiling “premium black pork bones for nearly a full day.”

From the taste of things, they’re on to something here. That broth is full-bodied and deeply flavored, and the pasta is, likewise, thicker and richer tasting than you’ll find at Monta or Anime Ramen. We’re not saying it’s better, only more substantial — both in the bowl and in the mouth — which seems to be the effect the cooks are looking for.

As for ELV’s gyoza test,* they passed with flying colors; the dumplings being made with delicate wrappings encasing a beautiful sweet, onion and pork mixture that practically melts on the tongue. They might be the best we’ve had in town, and are worth a special trip all by themselves.

Like the intensely-flavored ramen, these delectable doughboys haven’t escaped the notice of Japanese- and Asian-Americans, who have already made this place a tough table at lunchtime. Open less than two months, it has yet to be overrun with “cellphone yakking hipsters” (as one of ELV’s loyal readers put it), but go early or late if you want to be seated immediately.


4490 Spring Mountain Road

Las Vegas, NV 89102



* ELV not being Japanese, subjects all Japanese restaurants to his gyoza test, i.e., how light and subtle is the gyoza dough and fillings within?

4 thoughts on “First Bites – RAMEN SORA

  1. This sounds great as I spend much of my, out of home, eating experiences in this part of town and enjoy most of the places you write about including a few that you have missed or did not deem worthy of mentioning.

    Next time you are in ask what is “Black Pork Bone” as I would visit the place and ask but heading out on a trip to Asia as I write this. I tried Google but only nonesense popped up; I frequent the markets in that area as well (168, Ranch, etc.) and do not remember seeing that in any of their butcher/meat sections? Thanks

  2. “Black Pork Bone” is simply berkshire pork bones, or kurobuta pork bones. Hopefully they use kurobuta pork belly for their chashu as well.

  3. perhaps I got a bland bowl of ramen? I love the thicker, chewier Sapporo noodles. But I found the broth very lightly flavored and rather broth-y over the creamy “deep” Monta flavor. Either way, I’ll be back to try another bowl or two.

  4. John, I’m glad that you got to check it out. As far as I’m concerned (as a Japanese national), there are only two legitimate ramen places in town: Monta and Sora. I’ll continue to go to Monta if I’m in the mood for Tonkotsu, but to Sora for Miso. Their miso and somewhat chewy/wavy noodle combination is authentic Sapporo style.

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