RI RA – Can Really Fake It

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Eating fake (and greasy) Irish food in a fake Irish pub while listening to fake Irish music* about as satisfying as having a fake (stripper) friend with fake breasts fake an orgasm during fake sex.

You have been warned.


At the Mandalay Bay Shoppes

3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109



* Who doesn’t love a little Marshall Tucker or Charlie Daniels with their greasy fish and chips?

5 thoughts on “RI RA – Can Really Fake It

  1. How does it rate on the ELV Fakeness scale to all the other Fake Irish pubs in Vegas?

    And what would be your example of a “legit” Irish pub outside of Ireland?

    Just wondering…

  2. ELV responds: That’s like asking us to compare the best of the bad sitcoms on TV.

    An Irish pub outside of Ireland is about as legit (and worthwhile) as a cheeseburger in Hong Kong.

    And wasn’t the fake Irish pub thing over about…ten years ago?

  3. BUT! Their fried fish is the best we (hubster and I) have had here in Vegas. At least it’s actually one fresh piece, and not several horrible frozen fish finger amalgamations. And the black and tan sundae was either absolutely delicious or I was completely drunk on shandies.

  4. Well, my point sir, is if you are condemning a place for its very essence, maybe you ought to make it clear that you’ve never seen ANY pub outside of Ireland that you thought wasn’t “Fake.” So that readers understand that there’s likely nothing Ri Ra could do to satisfy you.

    I note that you don’t seem to have a problem with Fake Delis, or hamburgers made by French men.

    “Comparing” is at the root of the job of reviewing food/restaurants.

    Your Reluctant Ombudsman ;-)

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