Mathew Silverman Gets Cheesy

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“I was bored,” is Mathew Silverman‘s answer when we ask him why he started making cheese four months ago at the Vintner Grill, along with “everyone’s making charcuterie now and I wanted to do something different.”

And different it is…although also comfortingly familiar at the same time. His Stilton-style cheese looks as gnarly as the real thing, and is properly gamy, his Camembert just as runny (if not quite as nutty) as it’s supposed to be. “Getting Camembert right is the hardest,” he continues, “because you have to acidify the milk for the longest time. Basically, you learn from your failures.”

But learn he has, and over less than half a year, his home-grown cheese operation now churns out a goat’s milk feta, fresh goat, Saint-Maure-style and Castel Blue-style that closely mimic the substance of the famous originals.

Silverman’s fascination for fermented curd comes stems from it being “…the only product in the world so many variations spring from…all made from one ingredient (milk).” His enchantment with affinage has been our gain, and any restaurant, especially a Las Vegas restaurant, that makes its own cheese is something so special, we cantal you how much we camembert it.

You can order these cheeses on line by clicking here.

One last cheesy note: Silverman’s Roquefort cheese panna cotta (picture #2  above) might be the sweetest use of this iconic cheese ever put on a dessert platter.


10100 West Charleston Blvd. Ste. 150

Las Vegas, NV 89135


3 thoughts on “Mathew Silverman Gets Cheesy

  1. “…the only product in the world so many variations spring from…all made from one ingredient (milk).”

    John, there are a few other ingredients in cheese besides milk. Rennet, Starter Cultures and Salt just to name a few. To me Wine would the product where you see so many variations with so few ingredients, France may have 450 cheeses but they have thousands of wines. I am working my way through both (French Wine and Cheese) one day at time.

  2. The cheese is very good, but is there anyway they could change the menu even a little? I haev been goign there for years and the menu hasnt changed much at all…pure laziness.

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