Eat This Now – Moon Doggie at RM CAFE

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Can a seafood hot dog, made with tilapia and shrimp, encased in an old-fashioned bun and garnished with red cabbage slaw and chipotle chips, become the foundation of a fast food seafood empire?

ELV doesn’t know the answer to that one, but he finally got a long, little doggie and found it to be all that and a bag of chips —  meaning: it was seafood-y, shrimp-y and spicy….and so addictive we could’ve eaten three of ’em, which, we imagine, is  just what über-seafooder Rick Moonen and his investors are aiming for. Forget the fact that it’s about as vegetarian as a porterhouse, coming as it does encased in an all-natural pork casing; it is one tasty delight, and a reason all by itself to have lunch (or dinner) at RM Cafe.

Two other reasons are the smoked duck “BLT” and lemon meringue pie.

Just thought you’d like to know.

The Moon Doggies are $8 a piece or two for $15.


In the Mandalay Place Shops

3930 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89119


8 thoughts on “Eat This Now – Moon Doggie at RM CAFE

  1. The wife and I ate here about three weeks ago, for a Sunday lunch. It was our first trip to RM, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

    We started with the Moon doggies, and we both thought they were delicious. The type of dish that we would have cravings for at some point.
    The meal also included the lobster roll w/ house made chips, and the EKG burger with fries. Both dishes were thumbs up. We really enjoyed the chips though, thin and crispy, with the perfect amount of saltiness.

    As far as service, our waitress was attentive, informative, personable, and patient with us. And the bus boy kept our water glasses filled at all times.

  2. Had branzino at RM for Restaurant Week and it was honestly awful. (Crab cake was very good though.) My partner’s entree was ‘meh’ and so was the chocolate lump for dessert. There are better choices out there for Vegas fish lovers.

  3. I have visited RM about 12 times over the past 5 years and have noticed a serious decline in food quality of late, though sushi has been pretty consistent. Who is cooking in this restaurant? Service is the absolute worst but that starts at the top, I have unfortunately come into contact with the GM (Paul?) not only was he rude his breath stunk of alcohol !! I am staying away. How does Chef Moonen allow this?

  4. My Husband and I ate at RM Seafood and can’t stop raving about the food. We started with the Steak Tartare which was fantastic. We tried a Moon ‘n Doggie and we were glad we did, it was great. My final entree choice, tough decision (everything sounds so good) was the Lobster Bolognese which I can’t say enough about. Dessert was another tough decision, we decided to have some fun and test ourselves with Ricks tasting game. My Husband and I loved it, we had such fun trying to figure out the flavors.
    As far as the service goes, our Server was friendly and attentive. We had the plessure of meeting the GM, Paul, who was very funny and personable and made us feel welcomed.
    Our experience at RM was above and beyond everything we heard/read about. We absolutely loved our experience at RM and can’t wait to go back again.

  5. I have been eating at RM Seafood for five or six years and have nothing but positive things to say about the food and the service. I’ve always been impressed with the knowledge of the staff, both in terms of wine (they tend to stear me away from the higher priced wines in lieu of a great deal that is still delicious) and the variety of seafood specialities offered on the menu. As far as the Moon n Doggies go – they are one of my favorite hot dogs in the city. Great seafood taste, nice spice, great crunch from the chips. Love them. Another favorite are the eggs benedict RM Style on the Sunday brunch (they come topped with pulled pork). Consider me a fan for life.

  6. This is without a doubt the best seafood restaurant I’ve been to. The staff is knows the menu inside out and the cocktails are great! Had the Surf and Surf Special and I can’t wait to have it again. What a wonderful experience. Keep up the great work Chef Moonen!

  7. I actually left my menu selections up to our server and was so happy with our meal.

    Moonen’ Doggie – Genuis creation! It’s a fabulous combination of shrimp and talapia stuffed into a hot dog casing.

    Surf ‘n Surf – A wonderful combination of Alaskan King Crab and Maine Lobster with a delicious, creamy toasted orzo. A week later and I’m still thinking about it!

    Ice Cream Tasting Game – Simply fun and a must try for all foodies!

    Thank you Rick, can’t wait to return!

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