Eat This Now – Banana Split at CENTRAL

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It’s sort of a de-constructed sundae.

It comes with its ice cream on the side (vanilla, chocolate and strawberry), toasted almonds, lots of those tiny little chocolate bead thingies, along with crumbles and gorgeous mounds of whipped cream studded with fresh pineapple chunks (all smothering big chunks of perfectly ripe bananas).

It also has a dark chocolate sauce so perfect it will ruin you for any other kind.

It’s enough for four grown adults.

It defeated ELV after four bites.

It costs $10.

Just thought you’d like to know.


In Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino

3570 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


10 thoughts on “Eat This Now – Banana Split at CENTRAL

  1. Wow. that looks awesome ELV

    but what happens when income slows, union workers bitch and go on strike, then harass the people who want to enjoy that lovely dessert?

  2. Really Dave? you had to go there? How often has that happened in the culinary history of Las Vegas VS. how many restaurants have lived out there life span. And has it ever happened to you in Las Vegas? Where? at the Frontier?

  3. JC is this a joke? that looks, and i hope i’m not being too subtle here, like crap.
    i cant tell if your “eat this now” header is supposed to taken seriously. your credibility has gotten so bad that you’d need to kick max jacobson in the balls in order to gain any respect.

  4. Here in Wisconsin, union thuggery has reached a fever pitch, so nothing they do would surprise me one bit.

  5. Complaint from a customer he’s not happy. One happy customer verses several unhappy customers, you count the numbers. Review is spread by the customer … when ten are unhappy with this, then it’s twenty then 40 then the numbers grow. We fallow like sheep.

  6. This place will not even make a simple side toast and two eggs over easy. customer was told they can leave if not happy with service. Another customer went to Cafe across the street to get what they wanted, and ordered take out cause they knew they would not be able to get a simple order later at Central.This is in regaurds to Central the new cafe that opened.

  7. Not everyone that comes to Las Vegas needs too, or wants to eat French food art mixed with semi- American comfort foods……After hitting the casino and the ups or downs of win or lose….Comfort food is the art of a real cafe….The simplest of cafe’s will be jammed packed with customers because of the down to earth home like comforts and food.What ever happened to Apple pie, Chevy trucks, and John Mellencamp?….. I know there are a lot of us out there. In regaurds to The new Central cafe at Caesars

  8. Central Cafe… if food is a art?Frame it, then hang it on a wall….. Why eat it…..Maybe in 100 years if framed, it will be worth twenty million bucks. I do not suffer from anorexia I want to eat my food not stare at it. Or worry about what others are eating.
    All the cooks who work hard in hot kitchens….. I salute all of you because you do a awsome job.Good Food, music and painted art, something all people pay for……….Even Our great leaders in The United States have a cook to do the cooking for them. But I am sure…. The first Ladies Of the United States went in the kitchen and cooked that one thing her man loves, that only she can make (THE BEST EVER)!!!!!!

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