Eat This Now – Souffles at LE CIRQUE

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Gentlemen, if you don’t get lucky after serving one of these to your date, it’s time to retire the hardware.

So cost doesn’t matter.


In the Bellagio Hotel and Casino

3600 South Las Vegas Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 693-8100


PS: You’re welcome, Amber Farley. ;-}

2 thoughts on “Eat This Now – Souffles at LE CIRQUE

  1. see now, THAT’S the kind of thing I’m looking for! without reading anything, I can just imagine plunging in the spoon, smelling that earthy, warm, heady aroma of chocolate rising up in a steam cloud of pure love, dipping my spoon inside and extracting the elixer of life that is hot, luscious, not-too-sweet chocolate, and maybe a little creme anglaise or hard-type sauce to play off the chocolate. whew…anyone have a cigarette?

    I knew you could deliver the delicious, John.

  2. What is even more ridiculous is that there were two other desserts served with the two souffles .. an yes, the souffles were real and spectacular!

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