5 thoughts on “Desert Shrimp – The Worst Idea Since Hot House Tomatoes

  1. what about the people making wine in Paruhmp? Just because it maybe shouldn’t be done doesn’t mean that it will be horrible.

  2. I would like to hear further explanation as to why your not a fan?

    This seems like a insipid inbred rant one would hear from a southern mother-in-law.

    There seems to be a fair case that farming shrimp in the ocean has a far more environmental impact than this farm.

    Do you really believe the ones your eating shipped in from Thailand treated with amonia sulfites are better.

    Hell, why not just eliminate shitty ass shrimp all together as apart of any non-coastal diet.

    I’m sure nano and biotechs have an amazing recipe to replicate that rubbery texture. Maybe some labratory fabricated shrimp steaks.

    And messing with mother nature – isnt thats what its all about – destroy the planet as quickly as we came.

  3. I am from the South and grew up on Gulf shrimp. That being said, aquaculture is a rapidly growing market even in places like Alabama and Mississippi. You need an alternative after letting foreign companies trash our hatcheries and fishing grounds. I do, however, take issue with the fact that like the rest of agriculture, the shrimp are highly likely to be genetically modified to be disease resistant. I don’t eat shrimp in restaurants; they cook it like crap. I will continue to support Gulf shrimpers, even having to pay a little more, and buy it from a responsible source. (usually Whole Paycheck)

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