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This Just In: ROSEMARY’S has closed

Eating Las Vegas has confirmed that Rosemary’s Restaurant, a mainstay on our local restaurant scene since 1999 has officially closed its doors, effective immediately.

It is a very sad day for lovers this venerable place, and for everyone who values locally-owned purveyors of fine food and drink.

Beyond that, ELV can say no more until he recovers from news.

32 Responses to This Just In: ROSEMARY’S has closed

  • That is a tragedy…

  • Wow, one of my regular Vegas visits when I’m in town. I would go for the Texas BBQ Shrimp and Maytag Blue Cheese slaw alone! Very sad indeed, the Jordan’s always treated us like gold. I’m a little misty eyed…..

  • This is horrendous. It’s a true culinary loss for the west side of town. My best wishes to everyone who worked there.

    I have a question, though. When restaurants get into trouble like this where their management starts to think about closing the place, why don’t they let their customer base know? Why not come on a forum like this or just get word to people like ELV and say, “Hey, our business is in a lot of trouble. If more folks don’t start showing up, we’re going to have to close.”

    A place like Rosemary’s has enough of a loyal following who don’t go every month but who would go if they knew its time was limited. Maybe it’s not enough to keep the place open, but at least you get a few more seatings and your customers get to experience the place one more time. If you’re looking at closing the place down, what do you have to lose?

  • I am truly heartbroken. What happened???

  • Terrible news. Always a favorite of mine.

  • @npc makes a good point, but it’s partly out of denial and partly out of not wanting to start a stampede for the exits that restaurants keep mum on their intentions (and troubles) until the very last minute.

    In other words, your patrons aren’t the problem. As my dear departed dad was fond of saying (about restaurants): “It’s not the customers who will kill you, it’s the help.”

    The minute an owner let on there’s a problem, he’d be running a restaurant alone.

    Sad but true…and the reason owners keep their intentions secret from everyone.

  • Was there last month – the food and service was awful, overpriced for what you get. Not surprised they closed.

  • Unfortunate but the economy has broken the backs of many food service operators. Its a 6 cents on the dollar business so when people cut back and volume drops greatly the options are slim to none. Sometimes its better to close and stop the bleeding and just retire and spend time with the family. On top of that, good help is hard to find in fact all the professional servers on the strip which leaves the lesser of the work force to the suburbs…or in some cases, the workers who cannot pass a drug test.

  • Sad.

    Even sadder is that I never got around to going there.

  • Now I’m scared that some of my other favorite locals places such as Pasta Shop and Todd’s Unique are going to close.

  • Rosemary’s, Nora’s… is there going to be anything left on the west side?

  • ELV responds: If this keeps up, we’re going to get as bad as Henderson.

  • Now what happens to all the 3’oclock and groupon voucher sales?????

  • I was lucky enough to dine there two or three times. Great food, service and great wine. I will miss it.

  • Well guys dont fret, The Barrymore is soon to open in the Royal Resort, this place will be a new great place for locals, serving strip caliber fare at off the strip pricing!!! ELV, let me know when you want a preview!

  • Heartbroken! I’m still in shock. It was so nice to have a local restaurant with excellent food, service and atmosphere without paying the ridiculous prices they charge you on the strip. I wish they would have given us more notice so we could have enjoy it one last time.

  • WOW Just a few blocks from our vacation home on the Lakes. Sad, but weird though. We could not get a reservation online there in 3 tries over the last 3 weeks

  • We are very saddened by the news that that a second one of our fellow family owned restaurants has closed on the West side inside of just a few weeks. There are not many of us left and we are so grateful for the support we have had in the local community at Marche’ Bacchus. With so many chain restaurants in Las Vegas that appear to have deep pockets, the loyalty and support of locally owned resturants cannot be underestimated. We wish Michael and Wendy all the best and thank them for putting West side gourmet dining on the map so many years ago!

  • Loved this place, sad to see it go. But, truthfully, a restaurant is a business, as much as we tie our hearts and emotions to it. They had a long run, meaning they fulfilled what was probably a 10 year lease with their landlord. That being expired, they may have made enough money to retire, or entertain looking at a larger space or better location, or may be done with vegas. Kudos to the Jordans for what they did off the strip here. They’ll be missed.

  • This was definitely a shock. Real life had kept me from visiting for a couple of months, but I never saw this coming! One of the best places in Vegas. Sad.

  • How tacky of “Barrymore’s” to try to advertise their restaurant on this post… you can be sure I won’t be patronizing them and will tell my friends not to either!! Have a little respect!

  • Well said Lou C.! “has a clue” clearly doesnt have one and is a vulture

  • @has a clue Well guys dont fret, The Barrymore is soon to open in the Royal Resort, this place will be a new great place for locals, serving strip caliber fare at off the strip pricing!!! ELV, let me know when you want a preview!

    Noby wants to hnag over on that desolate street with the pimps, whores, gang bangers, drug dealers and homeless.

    get a clue, you sinking already

  • Yeah I hear that @who do you pay. With all the great rooms on the strip who wants to sleep in a hard bed with flamable sheets with a poor man budgets remodel. I’m sure you can smell the cig smoke in the walls, especially if they left the cheesy popcorn ceiling.

  • “has a clue” WTH does the Royal Resort have to do with West side dining. If I am going to drive to the strip for diner I surely am not going to go to that place!!!

    A call to all westsiders to keep places like VG and Marche Bacchus patronized or we will all have to drive to the strip for a decent meal.

  • I had heard of this place, but never had a chance to eat there. From what I surmise, the food costs are going up (i know this first hand) and the hospitality industry is short on labor (There are close to One Million restaurants in USA) and the shortage is due to several restrictions on the employer hiring. The Casino’s can afford the Union labor since they are paying very little tax, where as the subarban restaurnants have to keep the cost down to appease the dwindling and predominently older customer base (as compared to the twenty something crowd at places like Tao,) who can afford the gourmet food. This is the reason places like Marche Bacchus and Garfield or doing well since they serve good food at reasonable prices. The qaulity is consistent. It’s not the survivol of the fittest-but it is the survial of the shrewdest!

  • I checked this place out when I first moved here a couple years ago from a town that has a strong economy and vibrant (current) neighborhood restaurant scene. We enjoyed the happy hour – beers were half priced – but once we were out of that time zone and into $12 beers things didn’t add up for me. Why would I want to pay upscale New York prices to sit in the tired bar of a strip center restaurant adjoining the stodgy dining room of a restaurant that seemed stuck in a time warp? I wasn’t overly impressed with the food either, especially for the asking price. I really wanted to like it (it was actually walking distance from our house) – but honestly didn’t see the value.

    Everyone knows that the real estate market here was (and in some ways still is) out of whack with reality, and Las Vegans, as a group, aren’t exactly “early adopters” when in comes to dining trends. My belief is that these factors contribute greatly to the static scene here in town (and by that I mean in the neighborhoods). Restaurateurs are paralyzed to change by the inflated rents and even if they could change they couldn’t be optimistic that locals would support a new concept. Food trucks make a lot of sense here because they don’t have to pay rent or develop that large a following to be profitable.

  • I gave this place another shot a few months ago, and once again didn’t think it lived up to the hype at all. If you’re going to charge Strip prices, the food better be good….on top of that, the service was aloof and slow and the menu was the same as 2002. We need some new blood on the west side – Vintner, Grape Street and Marche Bacchus have also jumped the shark, and now Nora’s is gone too. Guess I’ll see y’all at Brio.

  • For a few years clue was the guy who told all the inside dirt on all things wynn. As the only place I go when in town I always found the info fun to read. I Somtimes felt like I was breaking the rules by reading the comments cause at the evil empire where I earn my pay they would be none to happy about airing company business at management level. Always made me wonder who it was but this was the last clue needed to solve that mystery. Hope u keep up the posts clue as the most controversial commentary is usually the most entertaining

  • Looks like CLUE has to come clean or dodge the site. Looks like some folks are on to his game.

    Homeboy will probably change his screen name with some sort of tone variation, but he will still riddle his shit.

    So what does “has a clue” really have a clue about. Getting lap dances by throbbing hard guys at the OG or picking up crossdressers at the peppermill?

  • Lol. Good one!
    Been out of town, but anyways, rosemarys will be missed, but it seems mike has ran his course, 10 plus years is more then double the ave life for a local spot.
    Now everyone go buy tickets to support the cochon 555 at cosmopolitan

  • I’m not surprised; Rosemary’s believed their own hype. Overpriced, overrated and while their waitstaff were efficient, the owners were aloof, rude and patronizing. Marche Bacchus and Mundo should be next. Same for the description above. An example? Having the chutzpah to charge $10 to open the wine purchased from their stock!!

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