SETTEBELLO Remains Surpassingly Superior

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On the rare occasion when ELV is forced to venture over one mile east of the Strip, that very fact has been known to throw him into a dithering tailspin. Something akin to the heebie jeebies crossed with snarling disgust, if you will. Between the characterless “neighborhoods,” poor planning (“let’s put all our retail on a single, bottle-necked road”), insane traffic, monochromatic houses, and dearth of  good eats, he is one unhappy camper whenever even the thought of traveling toward Sunset and Sunset crosses his mind. (For the uninitiated, there is truly an intersection denoted as such – yet another testament to the lame brains we elect.)

Downtown Henderson and Boulder City have their charms, but there’s no disguising the fact that there’s no good place to eat in either of them.

To be fair, a few gems exist among the zircons in this gastronomic wasteland; Todd’s is a treat, Valley Cheese and Wine is always winning, Hank’s and Bratalian are top notch, and Crazy Pita and King’s do a credible job catering to the less-than-cosmopolitan crowds. But if there’s one place that’s surpassingly superior, and succulently supreme, it is Settebello — a purveyor of Neapolitan perfection amidst this perennial, perceived, pervasive paucity, causing all others to pale before the pulchritude of its pies.

Just look at those tasty snaps above. If they don’t make your mouth water, perhaps you should prod your person for your parsimonious pulse.

ELV’s meal above, with an expensive-but-worth-it Italian craft beer (Friska), and a soda, came to $47.


140 South Green Valley Parkway

Henderson, NV 89012


12 thoughts on “SETTEBELLO Remains Surpassingly Superior

  1. i just ate there and had the Friska Pilsner and the Chicca Stout, they were amazing beers, the pies are always top notch! best in town by light years, Due Forni doesnt hold a candle to this spot
    Go eat there now !!!!!

  2. I thought you liked the Chicago Dog place in Henderson?

    I’ve also heard extremely strong reports about Sushi Wa on Eastern.

    Also, in my limited experience, Due Forni holds a very large candle to Settebello. While they don’t have wood ovens, they have very creative toppings. But also, they’re on the entirely on the other side of town. Why beat up on them? (Why not beat up on Grimaldi’s?)
    It’s D.O.C.G. that doesn’t hold a candle … they hold a Torch. ;)

  3. I live just down the street from Settebello and tried it for the first time two months ago. What a treat! Now why the husband and I don’t go more often (besides being broke) is beyond me. Great atmosphere, awesome pizza, and great wine. Can’t beat that!

  4. Due Forni is something in itself, you can not compare them to Settebello. They are missing one of the key components for making pizza Napoletana, the wood burning oven. You can taste the lack of smokiness in there pizza crust. Compared to Settebello, Due Forni’s pizza Napoletana has absolutey no taste in the dough they are using. I did enjoy the atmosphere and decor. The head chef was very nice also.

  5. As opening lead Pizzaiolo at D.O.C.G, I can say that Settebello was always our standard, the one we aspired to compare ourselves to…In my opinion Settebello is the best in Vegas hands down, and one of the best Neapolitan Pizzerias in America.

  6. Dude, you act like you live in a different las vegas from everyone else. Whats with your distaste for Hendorson so bad. Like the west side is poppin off so hard.
    Henderson may not have many restaurants but its got great views to enjoy all you fools hustling in the rat race.
    As for restaurants, theres alot of shit spots to filter through over in your stomping grounds.

  7. Settebello keeps a level of Napoli pizza satisfaction. Living in both Vegas and Seattle, there are a few joints up here in the Northwest that try to do Napoli pizza and fail quite hard. Settebello remains a solid source. I reccomend any seattle people getting your glutton on in Las Vegas to take a taxi ride to Settebello so you can see how its really done – versus – your via tribunali.

  8. Rob – I admire your honesty. For what it’s worth, your pizza product at D.O.C.G. is virtually at the same tier as Settebello’s (which is dam close to perfection), job well done!

  9. so does that mean their shipping NY water to vegas, since that is the major ingredient to good NY pizza

  10. DOCG pizza is no where near as good as settebello, it’s not bad by no means but no comparison

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