ELV’s Pancake Breakfast

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Call them pancakes, flannel cakes, hoecakes or johnnycakes, nothing gets our mouth a waterin’ like a tall stack of griddled cake-y goodness….with huge pats of melting butter.

That’s why it was love at first sight when we sighted these stacks of flapjacks in a window on West Charleston.

Crafted by artist Todd VonBastiaans for his installation piece at Trifecta Gallery in the downtown Arts Factory, they are a pancake lover’s dream.

They are ├╝ber-cool, decorative and functional — can you say “the ultimate throw pillow?” — and are as light and fluffy as the best breakfast cakes you’ve ever had.

You can see, feel, stack and buy them through July 29th at the aforementioned gallery.

Unfortunately, you can’t eat them.

Trifecta Gallery

107 East Charleston Blvd. Suite 135

Las Vegas, NV 89104


1 thought on “ELV’s Pancake Breakfast

  1. I was super excited to take our kiddos and then I read that they’re fake. Cruel, John. Just cruel. We are always looking for a good breakfast in Henderson. Of course, other than our kitchen. Natch. I want to experiment with making breakfast sausage, since we kind of like it. We also like a corned beef hash. Ideas?

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