Taco Time!

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One lunch (two tacos and one huge tongue burrito plus drinks) came to $20. The other (three tacos) came to $7. Both were consumed within 20 minutes of each other at our two best taco restaurants, 50 yards apart, on East Charleston Boulevard.

Which ones were better, you ask? Well, the al pastor (shepard style) at Tacos El Gordo is tough to beat, but Taco Tom (our taco bender friender) swears by the tongue burrito at Los Tacos.

We’ve decided the difference between the two restaurants is you’ll see more white people at Los Tacos, and nary a gringo in El Gordo. LT gives you a little more meat for your money, but TEG spices things up a little more.

Our staff has also decided the best way to appreciate them both is to stroll between them and conduct your very own taco taste test every time you venture to this neck of the woods. You won’t spend much and will enjoy some of the tastiest Mexican fast food on the planet….eaten the way real live Mexicans like it!

And you’ll leave wondering what anyone sees in Taco Bell.


1710 East Charleston Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV 89104




1724 East Charleston Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89104


4 thoughts on “Taco Time!

  1. Fortunately, you do not even have to be in that “neck of the woods” for Tacos El Gordo these days – they are also open on the Strip now, just a little north of Wynn/Encore, and offer a rare “bang for buck” for a Strip eatery (the prices are the same as the East Charleston location).

  2. The best taco is at a small place on West Flamingo just east of Decatur on the South side of street. This place is open 24 hours and is right next to a club/lounge. They have a few tables in a narrow patio on a clear day. The typical carne asada (beef)taco, consists of chopped beef, onions and cilantro and then you add the red and or the green sauce over it (depending on your gringo scale!), but here they add gaucamole (extra guacamole for $1) that makes the taco ten times better than any other taco place. The quality of the beef is crucial to a good taco. The other place is a Peruvian restaurant in a swapmeet on Rancho&Washignton. The home made red sauce is just out of this world. A good taco will make a convert of a die hard Vegan !

  3. There is a little place in the Walmart Neighborhood Marker plaza on Bermuda and Horizon Ridge called Taco Tio. They took over for what used to be El Picante. It’s run by a bunch of sisters. Very comparable to Los Tacos

    Great Spot! Very simple menu. Everything is made from scratch. They have some incredibly hot salsas. I like heat and their habanero salsa is at a level you rarely find unless you are ordering online.

    99 cent taco tuesdays to boot

    Worth a look.

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