Flirting with FLEMING’S

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Let’s get this out of the way right away: Chain steakhouses have about as much appeal to ELV as backpacking…or rock concerts.

But the lure of 5 for 6 til 7 was too strong to resist.

Truth be told, we’ve always found the food at Fleming’s to be quite serviceable…even if it is a cut or two below what you’ll find in most of our meat meccas.

Its 5 for 6 til 7 happy hour special is a selection of five wines and six apps (seven if you include a dense, perfectly cooked, beefy, cheesy, bacon cheeseburger) available for six bucks apiece until 7:00 every night at the bar. In other words, you can eat like it’s 1979 for two hours every night…and leave with a big sense of satisfaction after paying a mighty small check.

Those apps include Cajun shrimp (good, but we wish it had more kick), fried calamari (nicely done and served with Thai sweet/hot chile sauce), decent carpaccio, mushroom ravioli (not made in house but plenty ‘shroom-y), the aforementioned kick-ass cheeseburger (with monster onion rings) and a pale, bland, seared ahi tuna that is best forgotten about.

What impressed us the most were the wines. Both the Riesling and the pinot noir were chock full of varietal character, with mouth-feel more common to glasses costing twice as much. Obviously, some one at the Fleming’s corporate office did their homework, and found inexpensive bottles, that would appeal to serious drinkers and skinflints alike.

Fleming’s has always been known for having a pretty decent, and decently-priced wine program, so this comes as no surprise. What really surprised ELV is how much good food you can ingest here for such a tiny tariff.

Move over McCormick and Schmick’s, your killer happy hour (that we haven’t been to in over five years) now has some competition.

ELV’s happy hour repast a deux was comped (it would’ve been $48 – for everything on the menu), so he left a $20 tip.


8721 West Charleston Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV 89117


3 thoughts on “Flirting with FLEMING’S

  1. Plus you can get their tropical martini, drank with pinky out (or in a double old fashion glass with ice to stay incognito if your a dude who likes the fruity libations)…

  2. Hello John
    Went here last night. Close to our vacation house. Had 1 beer and 2 Woodford’s, wife has 3 Goose cocktails, burger, ravioli, calamari and the shrimp. It was all quite good especially the burger and rings. Bill was $62. Went to Mozen on Monday and while the sushi was great and the 6 small plates were excellent with 3 glasses of wine and 2 cocktails the tab was $212. Even as a couple of foodie nuts like we are I must say we enjoyed last night better than the strip and we were home in 4 minutes. Keep up the great work.

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