PINK TACO – No Longer in the Pink

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Ah Pink Taco. We used to love you. Ten years ago you we probably ate there at least ten times a year. It was right down the street from ELV’s Lawyer-at Law office, and we remember fondly many a margarita-fueled lunch, beer-soaked happy hour, or much-better-than-average Mexican dinners.

The menu used to be extensive, interesting and feel authentic…right down to the nice little Mexican ladies making the tortillas.

Now, the taco trios are gone, like many of the Hard Rock Hotel food outlets, it feels tired and shopworn, and the food isn’t even close to what you can get at Los Tacos or Tacos El Gordo for half the price. What it has become is that most dreaded of all restaurants: the Mexican restaurant for people who don’t like real Mexican food.

After noticing the clientele at the HRH, ELV concluded it’s giving the hotchickswithdouchebags crowd exactly what it wants.

ELV’s lunch for three, pictured above, with sodas only, including tip, came to $70.

You have been warned.


In the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

4455 Paradise Road

Las Vegas, NV 89169


5 thoughts on “PINK TACO – No Longer in the Pink

  1. I had lunch today at Cafe Rio, and believe me, Pink Taco is better. I had to circle the parking lot for ten minutes to find a space.

  2. Pink Taco is for tourists who want Mexican food without any flavor. I knew I was in trouble when I asked for some hotter salsa and they brought me one bottle of Tapatio and another of Tabasco sauce.

  3. What happened to those churros? Sort of the gumby variety. It’s amazing chefs, hack jobs or not still use the shoot on sour cream sauce. Yeah way to go! I guess their still pulling generations of midwesterns and native las vegas’ers that think it’s still cool to go to pink taco or even hard rock for that fact. I guess they didn’t get the memo the scene is at cosmo
    when pink taco closes I really hope hardrock disinfects that hallway of the grease smell

  4. they use to have an incredible dish called the Sabana de Pollo. it covered the entire plate. Chicken breast pounded thin with a nice layer of Black beans well balanced acid and proportionate amount of cheese melted under the salamander. Now its half the plate and definitely not made with love.
    I have been eating at Lindo for 15 years but had a dish for the first time I have never even heard anyone talk about. White fish filet stuffed with fresh shrimp, Octo and Pico. They take the filet and create a ball then batter it so you get a huge fried perfectly crispy fishball. when you break it open there is this fresh ceviche like shrimp and octo mixture inside. It is absolutely bananas Go Get It. Perfectly crispy texture on the outside and nothing but fresh clean goodness inside.

  5. That was one of my favorite places to eat when living in Vegas. Thems ribs was good, ole! For hotel Mexi, it was cool to look at and dependable in “sabor.” So lame to hear of decline. Muy malo.

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