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Aburiya Raku News
March 2011

Dear John,

First I would like to send my prayers to the earthquake victims in Japan. I hope that Japan will recover and I hope your families are safe also.
It is already March and the weather is getting warmer. Here at Raku we have a Kaiseki style course. One is for ten dishes and the other is fifteen. The menu changes with the season. I use 60 and more different ingredients for these dishes. I also prepare the dishes from four to three days before your reservation. Please give us a call if you are interest in a reservation. Please make sure you have plenty of time because serving this style takes around three hours.
Thank you again.
I hope to see you soon,
Owner Chef Mitsuo Endo

Sake Corner by Sake Sommeliar Risa

しみずの舞 純米大吟醸

I would like to introduce Shimizu no Mai *Pure Dusk* Junmai Daiginjo which we just added on the list recently. This sake is from Akita which is located in Tohoku region (Nothern Mainland). This is very fragrant and elegant sake. As soon as you pour this sake in the glass, fresh juicy fruits aromas come out from the glass such as watery pear and melon with hint of mineral. It is dry on the palate with nice acidity and it compliments well with light dishes like sashimi and grilled white fish. We get fresh unique fish air shipped from Japan so please check them out. We have this sake 300ml for $33.

See you soon at Raku.

Message from

Manager Rie !!!!

Here is a picture of our 15 course Kaiseki from last month. I hope you can come enjoy it.

raku kaiseki

Pure Dusk