Eat These Now – Two Pizzas at DUE FORNI

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Brock Radke threw down the gauntlet this week by comparing Summerlin pizza (mainly Grimaldi’s and Due Forni) favorably to the superior pies being produced at the east end of town (by Settebello and the original Grimaldi’s). ELV, demonstrating the diplomacy and pizza sense for which he is known, will not take sides in, nor enter this forno fray, but rather, simply chime in by suggesting two pizzas at DF that are worth a special trip: the thin-crusted piccante — strewn with hot soppressata, bufala mozz and fresno peppers —  and the signature Due Forni pie — a mélange (ELV loves him his mélanges) of San Marzano tomatoes, house made sausage, Nueske bacon and pequillo peppers.

One might be the best sausage pizza you’ll ever have, and the other, a thin, spicy delight.

If you scroll through to the third tasty snap, you’ll see the smoked mozz with Sicilian anchovies that completed our meal. If you’re the type that loves fat, salty Mediterranean anchovies (so big you can separate the fillets from the spine), and smoky cheese, you will think you’ve died and gone to heaven. Others should be forewarned that these are the strong, authentic tastes of southern Italy that may be a bit much for the average American suburbanite. (Btw: you can filet your anchovies if you wish, or simply gnaw right through those bones as ELV’s all-Italian staff does.)

The Roman-style piccante pizza is $15, the Due Forni runs $16, and the smoked mozzarella (with one side) is $11.


3555 South Town Center Drive Suite 105

Las Vegas, NV 89135


2 thoughts on “Eat These Now – Two Pizzas at DUE FORNI

  1. You forgot to take a pic of the dessert Cuz!! Food coma probably set in by then….

  2. I gotta say, my two least favorite things there were the polpette (turkey meatballs) and the due forni neopolitan style. The crust was fantastic but Carlos needs to season those san marzanos properly and put a little more fat into those meatballs. Very close to being a great meal. I loved the crudo and the quattro formagio, but the tomato sauce based dishes lacked a little salt.

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