Another Week, Another Healthy(?) Breakfast

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Breakfast doesn’t get much tastier than two slices of banana-walnut bread French toast — thick, dense and fairly bursting with banana-walnut flavor.

It gets even tastier when followed by two perfectly poached eggs, sitting atop two pristine squares of dense, crabby, lumb crab meat, swathed in a lemony hollandaise and accompanied by properly cooked vegetables.

Can you guess where ELV and his staff enjoyed these tasty treats?

8 thoughts on “Another Week, Another Healthy(?) Breakfast

  1. ELV responds: Natasha wins the Grand Prize for correctly naming the restaurant before all others. And that first prize is….drum rollllllll….ELV’s eternal gratitude for being such an ardent foodie and ELV fan!
    Congratulations to Natasha…and all who posted comments…

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