Worst Dish of the Year 2010 – Seafood on Polenta at SIENA DELI

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ELV’s bad dishes were few and far between in 2010. There were those tightly-packed, overcooked, fusion burgers at that unexplainably popular “burger” spot in town…that also made us suffer through its pure, greasy pork fat (inexplicably called pork bellies) on a steamed bun.

And let us not forget all that lousy Eye-talian food we endured — Zefferino’s, Maggiano’s, Canaletto, et al — that pummeled us repeatedly with paltry pasta.

But this one took the cake.

It was about the only interesting thing on the menu at Siena Deli on West Sahara, and fascinated us before we took a bite: “Salmon, squid, shrimp, over polenta? How surf and turf-y,” we thought to ourselves. “Not a combination we’d ever try, but hey, it could work…”

Boy, how wrong could we be.

It could work all right, IF you cook the seafood in a seafood stock, season it appropriately, and use a light hand on the fish. But if you overcook the swimmers AND serve them in a grey/brown, stale-tasting chicken stock, AND THEN pile them on top of polenta triangles, you have a dish of stupefying offensiveness that should serve as Exhibit A as to why you should never mix your metaphors in a kitchen, or trust your average line cook to get creative.

FYI: The above picture came out stupefyingly good, by which we mean it is a jaw-dropping-ly accurate color representation of how bad this dish looked.

Congratulations to Siena Deli, for winning the Eating Las Vegas Rancid Headcheese Award for the Worst Dish of 2010!


9500 West Sahara Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89117


7 thoughts on “Worst Dish of the Year 2010 – Seafood on Polenta at SIENA DELI

  1. Oh my god that looks like something a dog would throw up on the carpet after its been eating frogs!

    I hope you didn’t eat that.

  2. Disgusting. Yes it does look like something a dog would throw up, and that hamburger a few posts down the page (Holsteins’ burger extreme close-up!) looks like something that may have come out the other end of the dog. That patty is so undercooked they should serve it with a straw.

  3. God that looks bad. We have suffered through several bad meals and now only buy a few things from their deli. To bad, this place is a nice walking distance from the vacation home in the Lakes area. We will stick with VG

  4. Sienna serves, perhaps, the worst food in Vegas, at least at the prices they charge for the slop they turn out each night (Mastrioni’s takes a close second) . We lived in Summerlin and always looked for somewhere good to eat that was close to our house and not inside a casino. Rosemary’s menu became stale, Vintner Grill lacks consistency, Agave’s chips and salsa are the best thing on its menu and Firefly uses cheap ingredients that taste…well, cheap. Red Rock Resort still has the best restaurants in that neighborhood with Hachi leading the way. Rumor has it a new concept (operated by proven people) will take over the old Hannah’s / Sea Stone space this Spring. Looking forward to giving that a try.

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