ELV Exclusive! First Look at Cosmopolitan Restaurants: MILOS, COMME CA and HOLSTEINS

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ELV note: For a broader array of restaurant/food/design snaps, go to our (John Curtas’) Facebook page. The photo resolution may not be as high, but the variety of pics will give you an even better idea of what Cosmo’s restaurants are all about.

Call us the Dashiell Hammett of degustation. The Sam Spade of gourmets. A Harry Palmer of haricot vert. But being the first critic to enter the hallowed halls of haute cuisine in this high-falutin’ hotel was what we wanted to be and what we accomplished today.

As you can see, we got busted right off the bat by Holsteins Executive Chef Anthony Meidenbauer….but that’s a good thing. Because we got to see his house-made sausage and charcuterie operation close-up…right down to the dry-aged ground beef that they plan on putting in some serious burgers. Holstein’s may be run by the same company that gave us LBS Burger, but this joint is aiming much, much higher. In fact, just as ELV was thinking to himself: “…they’re swimming in DBGB waters here,” Meidenbauer chimed in: “We want to be the DBGB of Las Vegas. Making our own sausage and charcuterie, dry-aging our beef, and taking the whole burger and shake thing to a whole (or should we say Holstein’s?) new level.” Fingers are crossed, the meat looked phenomenal (and keep in mind, we ambushed these guys, they weren’t expecting any critics to come nosing around), so we’re already jonesin’ for some palpitatious paté and some salubrious sausage).

From our sleuthing about, we also got to see the colorful (some would say wacky) decor at Jaleo, the striking views up and down the Strip from the patio of Comme Ça, and the drop dead gorgeous room that will soon house one of, if not the, best Greek restaurants west of the Mississippi. (See Estiatorio Milos post below)

Interestingly, most of the big name restaurants: Jaleo, Comme Ça, Milos, and Scarpetta are located on the third floor, and essentially adjacent to each other as they wrap around the main escalator. The effect is striking (and very convenient for galloping gourmets), and gives the appearance of the ultimate, up-, upscale food court — featuring the best of Spanish, French, Greek and Italian cuisines.

None of them are especially intimate (a quick scan puts each at around 175 seats), but if the hype and reputations of these places is to be believed, the only place in America that comes close to such an intense concentration of gourmandia is the Time Warner Building in the Big Apple. (On a more prosaic note: The only way to get here (unless you enjoy crawling along the Strip) is by coming from the west side by way of the Harmon overpass. The valet parking/access from this direction looks to be a very convenient in-and-out.)

The snaps above may not be the best, but we were trying to be incognito after all….and avoid getting thrown out. (Not by the restaurants, of course (they were happy to see us), but by the folks who tightly control these openings.)

How did we accomplish our feat of daring do? Going where no publicist would want us to tread? Well, if we told you that, we’d have to kill you. And that means we couldn’t all chow down at each and every one of these game-changing restaurants.

And that’s just what we plan on doing in the next two weeks.

You heard it here first: The Cosmopolitan is going to shake the gastronomic ground in the High Mojave Dessert, and the whole world is going to feel the shudder.


In The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino

3708 Las Vegas Blvd. Couth

Las Vegas, NV 89109




In The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino

3708 Las Vegas, Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109




In The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino

3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


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  1. The restaurant I was most impressed with at the Cosmo “Play days” was DOCG. Think Scarpetta meets Settebello, with a better soundtrack.

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