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ELV has been in The Cosmo every day since it opened. Unfortunately, even though we’ve been plowing our way through almost every venue (with many a spectacular result), we’ve been unable to secure a seat at José Andrés’ multi-cultural mecca for curious, bi-continental cuisine-ists.

So you’ll just have to settle for some groovy snaps of China Poblano‘s über-cool design until we can tell you how it tastes.

3 thoughts on “CHINA POBLANO – First Look

  1. I’m really enjoying your tour of all the restaurants at the Cosmopolitan. But–looking at the photos of China Poblano, I’m wondering if my backside would withstand sitting on those little benches around the tables. Looks pretty uncomfortable to me.

  2. Went to China Poblano last week with high expectations, considering high level of flavor and spice that can be had with chinese and mexican cuisine.
    Well after having the silencio tacos, conchinita tacos, Har Gau and Rou Jia Mo Street Sandwich the food was just food and a one off event.
    Silencio tacos were chewy and the rambutan fruit was just lost in its natural state. Maybe if they jazzed it up with some lime zest, spice and acid it could have been a hit, but a miss in my book.
    The conchita I expected big flavor based on menu description, you know like pieces of crunchy pork skin chopped up amongst moist pit style cooked pig. Instead it was wet and braised, a similiar profile which I assume for all their pork dishes.
    Sitting at the Mexican style bar you could see that all taco meet including duck tonques was pulled from a ban marie full of liquid.
    small plate tacos come with a chipotle sauce that tasted from a can with no real oomph.
    Har gau was weak on flavor and street sandwich made with some sort of American style biscuit was under cooked and doughy. Once again deep flavor was lacking.
    Granted I didnt try the whole menu, but watching every other white people table get mortar and pestle guac, 70 bucks later, a weak beer selection and too peppy staff that want to over explain the concept of the joint; it was enough.
    All I have to say is, Jose Andres, pull your shit together and use the same pazazz you display on your public TV show. Or you just in Vegas to ride low surf celebrity chef wave of 2011, because you’ll need better than that menu.
    Theres mexican food and Chinese food in Las Vegas, with better parking.

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