He was a great chef as chefs go, and as chefs go, he went…

Dateline: Town Square Mall (that is neither square, nor in any town)

Effective two weeks ago, Brian Howard, chef extraordinaire, has left Nu Sanctuary.

Also gone is front of the house G.M. John Anthony.

According to information received by Eating Las Vegas, the restaurant has decided to “pursue other directions.”

Which is ownership-speak for: “We weren’t making enough money.”

Despite the mild buzz for this place, created by ELV and others, Howard’s food was always too hip for the room.

Nu Sanctuary (the dumbest name for a restaurant in like….the history of the world) will now pursue its destiny as a bar/hookah lounge for the slack-jawed hordes of southern Clark County.

Memo to management: Nu Sanctuary is also a stupid name for a bar/hookah lounge. It sounds like a day spa. Hasn’t anyone told you this?

ELV follow-up: To commemorate at least one of Nu Sanctuary’s former dynamic duo landing on his feet, we offer John Anthony’s celebratory haiku about his new employer:

Comme Ça Las Vegas

David Myers brain child

Curtas will smile

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  1. That’s unfortunate. Any idea on where he’s going? I liked the food, and the menu, and my kids tell me that he made the best chicken nuggets in town.

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