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Dear ELV,

My two addictions in life include 1) yoga and 2) reading your blog. A friend introduced to www.eatinglv.com only a few months ago and I am hooked. I am constantly checking the site for new updates to see what words of wisdom and tasty photos have been posted. Really its more like an obsession. I enjoy reading every one of your entries and appreciate all the places you are giving exposure too. There are tons of places I never heard of and some I never had any real desire to try until I read about them on your site, now I am trying places all over LV, you could say you have a hand in stimulating the economy- at least on the restaurant side. I also like the history you provide on the places and the info on the chefs. And as one recent commenter wrote, I too appreciate a good snarky review. Thanks for having this awesome blog, it is always a highlight of my day to read on your site.

Last week I went back to my roots to visit my dad and his girlfriend, Ellen, at none other than the Jersey Shore. When we didn’t have an incredible meal dining out I had the privilege of feasting on Ellen’s amazing cooking. It was definitely a great week. The NJ restaurant highlight was a little place called Casa Solar. If you ever find yourself in Belmar, NJ and want some tender fall off the bone guava glazed baby back ribs or want perfectly cooked salmon stuffed with crab meat mounded so high you would think there was a softball hiding in there, head to that place.

On Sunday we also went to the city and had dinner at Becco. Such energy that place has and what a meal. This photo is of Ellen and me with her $28 4″ thick pork chop. There were four of us, we had two bottles of wine and ate like kings all for less than the recent dinner my husband and I had at Carnevino, but maybe that’s not saying much…

In closing I would also like to volunteer my dining companionship services. If you ever need another person to fill your party I would jump at the chance!

Thanks again for your great postings, delicious photos and awesome alliterations.
Your natural nabob of nascent nimiety,


ELV responds:

Dear N5th,,

Flattery, like a good Burgundy, will get you everywhere with ELV, especially when coming from a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, the presence in your life of a husband (no doubt named Boris), gives ELV pause, especially when contemplating a delicious life with you of Jersey Shore days and 4″ pork chop nights. So, for the time being, let us continue to admire one another from afar.

Porcine-ly yours,


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