Letter of the Week

Dear ELV

I booked a room at the Mandarin for a few days to check out the scene again. Twist was very good and you would be happy to know MoZen was packed for dinner Monday and Tuesday night.

I ordered room service for Breakfast on Tuesday, which is supplied by MoZen and although the hotel was 50% occupied and it was before 8 am, I canceled my order after waiting 50 minutes — as I had to get to work. Wednesday, I decided to actually go down to the restaurant and eat breakfast. Same thing; the restaurant was less than 1/2 full , yet it took over 15 minutes to just get a cup of coffee and 50 minutes more to get my Breakfast (which was very good by the way).

The service was so slow it was agonizing and I pondered leaving many times. It’s amazing that the food is this good, yet the service to get it to you is so agonizingly slow.

If this place intends to be on the same level as The Verandah Cafe at the Four Seasons, they need to step up the pace a little bit. Damn shame. Such great potential. Dinner was exactly the opposite, though. Great service and your review of the pork vindaloo was spot on.

Further, they all denied the rumor of MOzen’s closing (or being replaced by a Daniel Boulud operation). I just hope it isn’t a shadow of David Burke’s place that denied it was closing right up until the end.

Best Regards,

Miffed at MOzen

ELV responds:

Dear MAm,

Eating Las Vegas is heartened to hear MOzen is successfully satiating its citizens. Sadly, the service lapses do seem significant. Let’s hope those hallowed harbingers of haggis(?) hear your harangue.

Heartily hearing your hardship, we remain,

Haughtily yours,