SINATRA (and Sinatra) Wine Unveiling

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There’s nothin’ like a wine unveiling (accompanied by first class food) to get our heart a pumpin’.

Truth be told, we weren’t all that excited by another celebrity wine label, until we tasted the big beefy California cab and the sleek, sophisticated sangiovese that Ole Blue Eyes’ kin have hand crafted alongside Wynn/Encore Wine Director Danielle Price.

For those of you who love that extracted, teeth-coating, plummy style of red wines, the Sinatra Family Estate “Come Fly With Me” Cabernet will fit your mood like Frank crooning a tune over a couple of martoonis at 2 am.

We at ELV preferred the more subtle charms of the Tuscan La Voce — a red wine that fit Theo Schoenegger’s food the way a Nelson Riddle arrangement did with you-know-who’s voice.

These wines won’t be cheap, but they will be at Sinatra whenever you’d like a swirl or a sniff, and we can attest that both vintages we tasted were a very good year.