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If you’ve ever had a hankerin’ for multiple platters of roasted goat — and let’s face it who hasn’t? — then you owe it to yourself to head to the central island in Commercial Center and drop in to Birrieria Jalisco.

Because that’s all they serve. No beef, no chicken, no fish tacos, no breakfast burritos, no vegetables. Just the goat, the whole goat, and nothin’ but the goat.

We kid you not. (ouch!)

The entire menu is devoted to various parts of Mr. Gruff, and you can get platters of ribs, back (our favorite), shank, and leg meat (or combinations thereof) for the paltry price of $9.50. All of them come either in or with a consomme on the side — a slightly thick, brown soup — made from goat stock — to which healthy amounts of cinnamon, allspice, clove and star anise have been added.

Whether you find a meal here heartily compelling (as we did), or off-putting, depends on how you feel about goat meat.

And just how does one describe the taste of goat? Some people equate the taste to venison. We find it earthy and gamey, but sweeter and less musty-tasting than lamb. It has a lot more character than the denatured, tasteless lamb that’s sold in most restaurants these days, but not as much as the lamb chops of old (that actually tasted like lamb).

But we at ELV think it’s nuttin’ like mutton….although in some parts of the world (the Caribbean, India and Pakistan), the word “mutton” is used to describe both goat and lamb meat.

Other fun goat facts:

It is the most widely consumed red meat in the world.

Goat meat is kosher.

It is very low in fat and may be the healthiest red meat you can eat.

They are ruminants (i.e. they have four stomach chambers).

They can climb trees. And do so in Morocco to eat argan nuts used to make argan oil.

Christianity associates goats with Satan, which might be why men who wear goatees always look evil to us.

That’s enough bleating for now.

We suggest you buck it up and try this place for yourself.

Our meal for four with a four cervezas and tons of left over goat, came to $57 plus a $15 tip.


953 East Sahara Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89104-3014

(We don’t know about you, but the groovy mariachi music on their website makes us want to go get some goat!)

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  1. Just returned from my brother’s goat farm in Michigan….they sure are cute critters when they’re young

  2. i am jamaican and my hands down favorite dish of al time and all the world is curry goat, with steamed cabbage and plantains. yum. are their goat dishes categorized by region? is there a theme to their dishes?

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