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As ELV tweeted and Facebook’d last night, and hinted at yesterday, Restaurant Charlie officially closed last night, and David Burke and eBrands are no longer associated with each other — effectively closing David Burke in the Venetian.

For lovers of good food in good restaurants, we at ELV are sad (as we are for the staffs of these places).

For yet another ignominious defeat of Charlie Notter, we are saddened not at all.

6 thoughts on “This Just In…

  1. Charlie Trotter no longer listed on Palazzo’s website. But David Burke still appears on the Venetian’s

    About a month ago, I actually contemplated the Charlie Trotter Uncork’d lunch event. But decided against it. All moot now.

  2. Two tears shed for the loss of Restaurant Charlie. Big “Meh” for the loss of David Burke. My thoughts are, however, with the employees of both restaurants and wish them speedy re-employment.

  3. Ah, and another piece of the puzzle comes in!

    It’s sad to see Restaurant Charlie die, but I think we’ve known this all along. For some reason Venelazzo F&B stuck him in a lousy location by a bunch of noisy penny slots, and the joint had been consistently empty. Same goes for David Burke, except that it’s so much sadder since he showed real promise but the place never really took off.

    But anyway, I think it’s becoming clear what will happen to Burke’s old space… I have a feeling another “DB” will be moving in soon.

  4. Congrads to Charlie on being the only “A List” chef to close two restaurants in Las Vegas! Stick to the cold weather Charlie!!

  5. Do we have any idea who is going to fill the space at Daniel Boulud Brasserie after DB packs up and moves across the street. ;)

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