Hunan Happiness at DONG TING SPRING

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No one speaks a lot of English at Dong Ting Spring, so we can’t tell you much about it other than the food is f*cking fantastic.

And it won’t cost you much.

And the entire menu is translated into English, making it easier to experiment without trying to breach the language barrier. One caveat: avoid the “Chef’s Specials” at the back of the menu. They’re strictly for gringos, wimps, weenies, members of the Aryan Nation, and people who wouldn’t appreciate good Chinese food if it kung pao’d their won tons.

So, if a blast of Hunan chile happiness is what you’re after, you will be in hog heaven.

Or lamb heaven…as we were a week ago, when we needed some hot and sour soup to ward off a cold. And some lamb with cumin to keep the germs at bay.

No sh*t, we really believe this food has health-giving properties! We can almost feel our blood being purified as we tuck into chopsticks full of ong choy, or pickled long beans with pork.

There’s something about all that chlorophyll with the nasal clearing, deep warming heat of the food that always makes us feel better. And the drier, less oily heat of Hunan food (unlike that of Sichuan) always warms our soul.

Just like the prices here warm the cockles of our heart.

We just wish we could tell the proprietors how much this food means to us. (sigh).

Our dinner for two was $50, including a $10 tip.


3950 Schiff Drive

Las Vegas, NV 89102


4 thoughts on “Hunan Happiness at DONG TING SPRING

  1. So, is this the extent of your reviews? Or am I missing something? Anyone can write these little blips as they are. How about describing several dishes & what’s in them? Can we order a hot level like #2 or 3 as we do at Thai restaurants?

    I was expecting more.


  2. I went today for lunch and please trust me on this…it is fantastic! Places like this and Bosa1 really are great finds. The staff was very friendly and had the Hunan Beef and Hot and Sour Soup, both great. Not easy to find but worth it once you sit down to chow. The prices are bargain prices for the freshness they serve. Family run establishment with the kids, mom and dad and I believe the grand parents. Give it a try.

  3. I loved our meal there with Steven, aka the “Fat Guy” Shaw from NYC, and I hope we’ll go there again. My only problem is that right now my pesky Internist has me off the spicy foods so it will be a few more months before I can take on that delicious lamb or one of their whole fried fish. Mmmmmm.

  4. Mr. foodie, is there a good vegetarian chinese place in vegas, some thai do have veggie but mostly its tofu.

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