In all the world, there is nothing that some man cannot make a little worse, and sell a little cheaper, and those that consider price alone are this man’s lawful prey. – John Ruskin

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Whaddya expect for twelve bucks? Joel Robuchon?

We were taking one for the team yesterday — the “team” being, in this case, KLAS TV Channel 8 — as they wanted us to explore some of the more reasonable Sunday brunches around town.

Truth be told, it wasn’t as bad as we feared, and the Cannery Hotel and Casino on Boulder Highway was much more attractive inside and out than we expected.

But the brunch was…well…it was just a buffet, meaning: bad food and lots of it.

Like any buffet, though, if you take your time and scope things out, you can always find a few things that are edible….or in this case, drinkable. Surprisingly, here it was the all-you-can-drink “champagne” that was light of body, but surprisingly dry, showing a touch of yeastiness, and quite quaffable. Any other Sunday, we could see ourselves kicking back here with this sparkler, enjoying the view (see above), and getting pleasantly bubbly of brain, amidst entire families that looked like they could play defensive tackle for the NFL.

We meant to inquire as to the provenance of this bubbler, but felt a discussion of vintages may have been a bit over the head of our server.

Besides, by then we were tucking into a fresh made jalapeno/cheddar omelet that was quite serviceable, and some cured salmon that was downright tasty…as was the rubbery, cinnamon French toast (if you put enough strawberry sauce on it), and the biscuits (if you like yours flaky, soft and moist to the point of being uncooked – as we do).

If you’re looking for us to bash stuff, we find it hard to do so when the tariff is this minuscule. If we must, we will advise you to avoid the eggs Benedict (on the steamer tray so long they were threatening to be hard boiled on top of hardtack), and the inaptly named corned beef hash that was, to these eyes, bereft of the aforementioned meat.

But hey! It was only $12.96, and we could’ve drunk that “champagne” all day.


At the Eastside Cannery Hotel and Casino

5255 North Boulder Highway

Las Vegas, NV 89122-6005




  1. How diplomatic of you, Mr. ELV. In this case, it’s probably best to leave it at that… But the Strip casinos charging twice or even triple the price for this quality of food? That’s just FAIL. And even when it comes to Cannery, I try to convince my out-of-state family & friends visiting to pony up a little more for the good stuff (like Simon at Palms Place… MMM mmmm, yummy!).

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