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Castelmagno Cheese at SIRIO

Chef Vincenzo Scarmiglia is one of our favorite dudes in food. Castelmagno cheese might be our favorite cheese in the world. When we saw it on Sirio‘s menu, you might say our little fermented-curd-lovin’ heart skipped a beat. (When we saw a wheel of it at Peck in Milan (Italy, not Michigan) years ago, that’s just what happened.)

Turns out this Tuscan chef thinks as much of it as we do. He brought it to Las Vegas as one of the highlights of his selezione di formaggi Italiani.

Castelmagno cheese (DOP) is a cow-sheep’s milk blend made high in the foothills of the Piedmont (“foot hills”) area of northwestern Italy. The milk must come from the razza bovina Piemontese. It is crumbly-yet-smooth, mellow-yet-tangy-and-gamey and unlike any semi-hard cheese you have ever tasted.

It was the cheese of Charlemagne. It has been made the same way in the same three villages since the 13th century. A war was once fought over it.

When you taste it, you are tasting history…and one of the great food and wine treasures of Italy.

For only $12.

Just thought you’d like to know.

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