Slapsie Maxie Jacobson described the kao-low beef meatball soup at Thai Pepper as an acquired taste on the far side of funky.

Or something like that.

We don’t know what version of this soup/stew he ate here, but the one served to us was thick, dark and almost sweet with beef essence. It was plenty spicy and it was plenty good, but we’d never call it oddly-flavored or otherwise off-putting.

Of course the funky cuts of meat, tendons, stomach and finely ground meatballs within might not be to everyone’s liking, but the soup itself was as beef-i-ly satisfying as a one-dish meal can get.

Of course, being ELV we needed more than one plate before us, and the nam sod (minced chicken salad), filled the bill nicely. We asked for it “Thai spicy” but not maximum “Thai spicy” and what came out took the chill off while (literally) bringing tears to our eyes.

Real tears. Big ones. Rolling down our cheeks.

Of joy.

Our lunch for one with three Thai iced teas gulped down quickly to quell the heat, came to $27.


2226 Paradise Road

Las Vegas, NV 89104