ELV Taking Break – Foodies The World Over Weep

Yes, it’s true: ELV has decided to take a few days off to visit his ancestral home (sort of) and The Woman Who Gave Him Life (Marcella Ruth Schroader Curtas – D.O.B. 8.10.24 – The Official Mother Of ELV).

Try to get by without us…but if you’re dying for an ELV fix, you can track our gastronomic adventures in north Georgia (Atlanta and Athens) by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “ELV Taking Break – Foodies The World Over Weep

  1. I, for one, always mourn the days when I don’t have new ELV writings to read, but I also know you are a good son and so have a wonderful visit with your dear Mother. I’ll follow your eating adventures on Facebook. Bring back a good Kentucky ham.

  2. You have to go to Holeman and Finch Public House in Atlanta. I was born and raised in ATL and this is the best restaurant in town. Amazing food! Best burger (only 20 made after 10pm). Offal and great takes on southern dishes (Try the chicken liver pate). Cocktails that will blow your mind. Ask for Greg Best (amazing mixologist) Whatever you do you must go. Owners use to work in Vegas and now are living the dream doing what they love. Just south of Buckhead.

    2277 Peachtree Road Northeast
    Atlanta, GA 30309-1173
    (404) 948-1175

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