10 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. John,

    I am going to Vegas this weekend for my best friend’s bachelor party. We’re looking for a place to have dinner before our debauchery begins. Looking for something relatively cheap (25-35 a person) and it doesn’t have to be on the strip. Any suggestions? I really would appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. DK-

    If you like burgers, go to Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay. You’ll be most likely to stay within your budget (and not subject yourself to crap) there.

  3. DK

    head out to red rock station and go to LBS burger joint, the place is far superior to burger bar. and the prices are great, entree start at 9 bucks!

  4. clue-

    I don’t know about “far superior”, but LBS is another good burger spot. It’s just FAR AWAY from the action on The Strip, so I don’t know if a bunch of partying bachelors want to go that far off The Strip just to eat.

  5. LBS is a good burger, and Red Rock is a nice casino. I wouldn’t truck it out there JUST for a burger, but it if you work in some casino and bar action too, it might be a fun way to start an evening.

  6. For DK, I’ll suggest Grand Lux at either Venetian or Palazzo. Good food, great selection, large portions, reasonable prices. You can even include a drink (or 2?) and stay under your $35 cap.

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