With a ground level view of the best tourist parade this town has to offer, Mon Ami Gabi also brings forth superior bistro fare practically 24/7.

With dishes like house-smoked salmon.

And trout Grenobloise (with lemon, capers and parsley).

And Otter Creek (WA) oysters that tasted like big, creamy kumamotos — some of the best bivalves we’ve had lately.

And addictive profiteroles.

And a wine list that won’t leave you gasping for air.

5 thoughts on “MON AMI GABI Lunch

  1. Yes indeed ELV, Mon Ami Gabi has got it goin’ on. From simple Steak Frites to Trout Almandine and a wine list that highlights the best of france without gouging your wallet, MAG rocks. Keep your celebrity chefs, Ill take lunch/dinner there anytime.

  2. agreed again!

    I have had many a lunch’s at Mon Ami Gabi, and the food is usually great. but i hated when they changed the seafood crepe. used to have a nice filling of bechamel and seafood, now its a few seared scallops and shrimp, but not much inside. but you cant beat it for the price/location. the one inconsistent thing there in my experiences is the service, hit or miss

  3. YUMMY! And yes, Mon Ami Gabi is a local treasure. I just don’t get why so many locals avoid The Strip like the plague, and end up missing such amazing places serving up jaw-dropping views and delicious food. Since I’ve taken my dad with me here for dinner once, hopefully I can convince him to try brunch with me here when he comes back with me after Thanksgiving.

  4. Going to be back in Las Vegas in a few weeks. Staying at Paris cuz Harrah’s thought I deserved a free room there for a few nights. If the weather is nice enough, an outdoor lunch at Mon Ami Gabi sounds tempting. Had a rally nice breakfast there in July.

  5. I’ve only eaten here once and was less than blown away by anything I ate, the service, etc. Maybe it’s because the place was busy and I couldn’t get a good seat outside with a view. I do remember the french onion soup being ok – but everything else I ate was very forgetful. I seem to be very much in the minority here so it’s probably time for a second look. Though…with Marche Bacchus only 10 minutes from my house…it’s hard to imagine going to the Strip to eat French bistro food.

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