Memo to all Waitrons re: Dirty Fingernails

Memo to all waitrons:

If you seat people in tight quarters.

And insist on decanting wine that doesn’t need it.

And demand to do so right under their noses.

With your hands quite close to their face.

And charge them $350 for lunch.

Try keeping your fingernails clean.

We’d really appreciate it.

7 thoughts on “Memo to all Waitrons re: Dirty Fingernails

  1. OK, that third shot is just plain yucky. If a restaurant charges me $350 for lunch, the very least I’d expect would be servers with clean hands and clean fingernails.

  2. A place that insists on decanting into a free decanter they got from their distributor needs to think twice about decanting at all, dirty nails or not. Or, if they paid for that promo decanter, they need to work on their negotiation skills. And $350 for lunch? That place didn’t get the memo about the weak economy.

  3. I’m definitely tired as well of sommeliers decanting a wine before it’s tasted by the purchaser. This happens all the time to me here in Las Vegas. I have to almost holler at the sommelier to not do this. Further, please do a better job of removing the sanitary solution and detergent residue from your glasses and decanters as well. IMO, there is nothing worse then a sommelier decanting a wine without one’s permission into a decanter that looks spotless yet is a chemical coated bathtub then transferring the same contaminated wine into yet another chemical coated wine glass. It’s what is in the glass that counts, not how clean your glass “appears” or the show you want to put on to justify the price I’m paying for the wine and service.

  4. Thanks for mentioning this personal grooming is a must. Clean aprons are a must too. Leave them hanging outside the restroom when you go in then you will not be tempted to wipe your dirty hands on them. I know it takes an extra moment to take it off, just do it.

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