OPUS TOO – The Best Deal In Town

Ay caramba! Ay dios mio! And Holy Escoffier Batman! Opus Too might be the best meal deal in the universe!

It’s only open for lunch and dinner Tues.-Weds.-Thurs, but fifteen dollars ($15), gets you a three course dinner ($10/lunch), prepared and served by culinary students of the International Culinary School that competes with restaurant meals all over town costing four times as much. In our world, that makes it just about the perfect, fail-safe date restaurant for those seeking good vittles, in a first-class setting, without breaking (or even bending) your wallet.

The menu changes weekly, so whatever we had probably will be a distant menu memory by the time you get here, but the students can be justifiably proud of turning out well-conceived and well-cooked dishes that show true professionalism.

If you want us to get all restaurant-critic-like, we might comment that the tomato and chorizo soup could’ve tasted a bit more of both, and the smoked trout was a tad more heavily breaded than we prefer, but the braised pork belly was as sweet and succulent as this dish gets, and the eggplant parmigiana was a thing of beauty — better, in fact, than any we’ve had in dozens of Italian restaurants around town.

….and did we mention the whole enchilada costs fifteen bucks?


at The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Las Vegas (whew!)

2350 Corporate Circle

Henderson, NV 89074-7737


For reservations e-mail: OpusToo@aii.edu

3 thoughts on “OPUS TOO – The Best Deal In Town

  1. opps sent that off too quickly!!

    i have not had the chance to eat here (yet) but from the looks of it, they are light years ahead of cafe bleu and le cordon bleu. i ate there with there with the dean of externships (or whatever the made up title was) and the food was not good at all. nothing was seasoned properly, presentations were circa 1982 and the place was barely professional.

    then again that runs tru for all the students they turn out of that place, i have hired several le cordon bleu culinary students with ZERO sucess.

    art institute is the way to go i guess!

  2. OMG, that’s The Art Institute at Corporate Circle??!! That’s just up Green Valley Pkwy from my house! I’ll have to try it some time and support those hard working culinary students. The food looks better than some of the stuff I’ve seen on The Strip.

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